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Brabham BT62 to be next car bearing iconic name

By Chris Thompson, 14 Mar 2018 News

An Aussie name steeped in motorsport history the world over will once again appear on a car

Brabham BT62 to be next racer bearing iconic name

The recently formed Brabham Automotive has announced it will bring a new car to the world, set to be revealed in two months.

The Brabham BT62, which is to be unveiled on Wednesday 2 May 2018, will mark the beginning of the next stage in the Brabham brand, which began in The ‘60s under the watch of Sir Jack Brabham.

Brabham BT7 at the 1964 Dutch GP (Source: Dutch National Archives)

The cars built by Brabham have all worn the ‘BT’ badge as a nod to Brabham’s surname and that of co-founder Ron Tauranac.

As well as revealing its name, Brabham also released a teaser clip of the BT62’s engine and exhaust note at idle.

Brabham BT19 at the 1966 Dutch GP (Source: Dutch National Archives)

Brabham Automotive managing director (and son of Sir Jack) David Brabham says he’s proud to have his family’s name once again appearing on a car.

Note that he doesn't specify whether it'll be a car for the track, or one the road.

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“I am thrilled to announce Brabham BT62 as the name of Brabham Automotive’s first project,” Brabham says.

Brabham BT52 (Source: Dutch National Archives)

“With more than 700 racing cars produced since its inception in the 1960s, the Brabham marque boasts a remarkable heritage, so to see the first Brabham in 26 years wear the iconic BT designation will be a huge moment in our history.”

A few of the historical ‘BT’ cars which are most notable include the BT7, the first Brabham to win a Formula 1 race, and the BT19, the first car bearing its driver's name to win a world championship.

More recently, the BT46B ‘fan car’ rode the wave of downforce breakthroughs, while the BT52 was the first turbocharged car to win an F1 world championship.

Brabham BT46B (Source: Wikipedia)