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Build your own Porsche 911 GT2 RS

By Chris Thompson, 10 Jul 2017 News

Porsche 911 GT2 main

Ever wanted to choose the options on your perfect Porker?

The ever-daunting options list is often a source of financial woe for new car buyers.

Spending around a tenth of the cars original value on extra bits and pieces doesn’t sound like a good idea most of the time, but what if you knew exactly what it’d look like before you spent anything?

Like a few other companies, Porsche has taken this idea and run with it, creating the Porsche Car Configurator, which lets you kit-out any Porsche model you like.

We had a look at it, and made our own 911 GT2 RS, but with a driveaway price of $687,945 before options, it’s a dangerous game.

Porsche 911 GT2 RS side profileWe started by immediately adding the Weissach pack, because dropping an extra few kilos is always a good thing.

We’ve just started, and we’re already $62,390 poorer.

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Paint the wheels black, and you’re spending another $1390, though it looks good against our white GT2.

However, if you want the headlights in black LED, that’s free. Having the headlight sprayer painted the same colour as the car? That’s $490.

GT2 interiorInterestingly, the configurator reveals a few odd option limitations. If you have the Weissach pack, you can’t have a fire extinguisher. Why not?

After fitting out the interior in customised leather, Alcantara, and changing the stitching colour to silver to match the exterior, we’ve racked up a total options costing of $117,110.

We’ve added 17 per cent to the cost of an already very expensive car, to bring the price up to a quoted $798,055 driveway.

Thankfully it looks like Porsche have given us a $7K discount. Bargain!

Porsche 911 GT2 rearIf the GT2 RS isn’t quite your style, and you want something with a bigger wing, the GT3 is also available to tweak in the configurator. We had a play, added a few options, and selected the manual ‘box, which shows up on the image. Nice!

Build your own Porsche 911 GT2 RS interiorWe still ended up clocking around $75K for options on the GT3, which doesn’t really matter, because we’re unable to buy one.

Give it a try here, if you feel like upsetting your accountant.