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Ex-Highway Patrol FPV GT R-Spec up for auction

By Chris Thompson, 27 Apr 2017 News

Highway Patrol FPV FG GT R Spec

A former NSW police show car is hitting the ex-government fleet auctions soon

A rare chance to own one of the most infamous ex-patrol cars in NSW has arisen, with the addition of the FPV FG GT R-Spec to an upcoming Pickles auction.

With a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 and a limited edition run, the R-Spec would provide enough excitement even without its individual service record.

Modified to produce 400kW, this beastie once resided in a bunker amongst its less-capable patrol car brethren, but has now been stripped of its badges (or livery) and given a somewhat dishonourable discharge. No fanfare, nothing.

And that’s not to say it wasn’t loved by the NSW Police Force. MOTOR found out to little surprise that it was the Traffic Strike Force’s pride and joy when it was featured on the cover of the February 2013 issue.

The car isn’t just well known for being the poster-car of the NSW Highway Patrol – or even for being a cover car for MOTOR.

This is the car that infamously suffered major engine damage after being filled with E10 rather than the premium juice it was designed to drink.

Since then, it has been repaired, though rumours of NSW Police making the same mistake with a HSV GTS also circulated before being quashed by all involved with the GTS’s development.

Though it’s no longer got any of its patrol car goodies attached (or even the BOSS 400 plate which covered its original BOSS 335 engine cover), ex-cop car collectors will want to keep an eye on the May 8 Pickles Luxury Car auction.

If you buy it, just make sure you fill it with 98.

Auction lot photos courtesy Pickles Auctions.