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The Top 10 Wildest Police Cars

By Scott Newman, 30 Jan 2015 Features

The Top 10 Wildest Police Cars

We actually wouldn’t mind being pulled over by some of these

We actually wouldn’t mind being pulled over by some of these wildest police cars from around the world

01 - FPV GT-F (NSW Highway Patrol)

Aussie police fleets have a long history of hi-po models, but none more so than this 600kW FPV GT-F.

A collaboration between Ford tuner Rob Herrod and racing legend Dick Johnson, who also acts as an ambassador for the NSW Highway Patrol, let’s hope it receives better care than the previous GT R-spec, which blew up after being fed low-grade fuel.

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02 - Lamborghini Huracan (Italian Carabinieri)

Italy has long had a fairly liberal approach to speed enforcement (though it’s a lot more strict now), but is it any wonder when the police drive Lamborghinis? In a show of goodwill, Sant’Agata donated a new Huracán to the carabinieri, officially for the purpose of high-speed organ transport - definitely not for doing launch control starts at traffic lights.

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03 - Chevrolet Caprice (American Police)

A little bit of ’Straya in ’Merica. When Ford’s venerable Crown Victoria shuffled off to the great police yard in the sky, the race was on to find a suitable replacement, with space, V8 power and rear-drive high on the list of requirements. Holden answered the call, fitting out its Caprice with lights, sirens and gun racks. If only it was available to the public!

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04 - Caparo T1 (UK Police)

We don’t blame UK police. If we received an email saying “Would you like a Caparo T1 to drive around in?” we’d say yes pretty damn quick as well. They didn’t really think it through, though. Where are they going to put the bad guys? And while the T1’s insane speed is helpful, its zero ground clearance means it’ll grind to a halt at  the first sign of a kerb.

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05 - Lamborghini Aventador (Dubai Police)


When half the population drives supercars, it’s little wonder Dubai police have filled their own garage with some of the world’s fastest machinery. Joining Ferrari, Aston Martin and Brabus is this Lamborghini Aventador. Its speed is not in question, but getting out with dignity once you’ve pulled someone over is another matter entirely.

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06 - Brabus B63S-700 (Dubai Police) 

Nobody does wild quite as well as Brabus. It takes the already loopy G63 AMG, widens it, fits the biggest wheels imaginable and lifts power to 515kW/960Nm. None of this makes it any better as a police car of course, but it seems that when it comes to choosing new vehicles, suitability for purpose doesn’t seem too high on the Dubai constabulary’s list of priorities.

07 - Ford RS200 (UK Police)

The legendary Group B racer was for almost two decades the fastest car in the world from 0-100km/h, so forget about trying to outrun it. It wouldn’t be the most comfortable car in which to spend a 12-hour shift, but beats driving a diesel Vauxhall Astra! Pulling over one of your own – another RS Ford – is surely a bit mean, though.

08 - Aston Martin One-77 (Dubai Police)

Ah, Dubai – a land of excess. Excess sun, excess sand and excess money. And nothing screams excess like adding a multi-million dollar Aston Martin One-77 to your police fleet. Just 77 of the carbon-bodied beasts were made, all with a 559kW 7.3-litre V12 under the bonnet. And yes, that is a police-spec Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG behind it.

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09 - Porsche 911 Carrera (NSW Police)

NSW police have been lucky enough to have a variety of flash metal, including an HSV GTS, Lotus Exige and Porsche Panamera, but this is the first time they’ve got their mitts on a 911. Rather than being used for the dirty work, the car is intended to help the force engage with younger members of the community – become a police officer, drive a Porsche!

10 - Ferrari FF (Dubai Police)

As the ‘practical’ Ferrari, it makes sense that the FF would be pressed into police service. Its clever all-wheel drive system was intended to help owners scale icy slopes; there probably isn’t a lot of need for that in the 45°C temperatures of Dubai, but it could still prove beneficial on slippery sand-covered roads. There’s even room for the baddies in the back.

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