Faster American pick-ups could be coming from HSV

HSV aims to retain performance ethos with new genre of American pick-ups

Chevrolet Silverado

Performance is still at the very core of HSV’s business. It’s just how it’s delivered that’s constantly evolving.

Part of that new world order is the emergence of US-sourced pick-ups, with HSV having to work on brutes like the Chevrolet Silverado in the same way it used to hone and develop Holden Commodores.

Speaking at the Chevrolet Silverado 1500’s local launch, HSV boss Tim Jackson said that with the SportsCat’s imminent departure, HSV will assess the possibility of turning its hand to upgrading the performance of pick-ups it already converts to right-hand drive.

“I wouldn’t rule it in or out,” Jackson said.

“I think performance is a space we’ll continue to look to operate in. And so if an opportunity comes up that we think will make sense, then we’ll have a look at it,” Jackson said.

HSV is already offering upgrades to the Silverado, with a cat-back dual-exit exhaust system and a performance cold-air intake increasing the 1500 LTZ’s power and torque figures by 9kW and 10Nm respectively.

Hsv Silverado 2 Jpg

Taking things a step further, HSV has also turned its hand to developing the suspension for the US-sourced Silverado, but the package is yet to be signed off and approved for sale.

However, clearly the passion for fettling and tuning cars still courses through HSV after losing the ability to create go-fast Commodores and the company wants to do more than merely offer bolt-on mods.

“We like making cars better ... or, better on certain performance parameters, let’s put it that way … It’s a lot of fun,” Jackson said.

Although expecting anything in the immediate future is a little too premature, with economic and engineering requirements needing to be met in the wake of GM’s decision to pull Holden from the Aussie market.

Hsv Silverado 3 Jpg

“With any project we look at, the economics need to make sense,” Jackson said.

“Following on from the GM announcements that there’ll be no right-hand-drive product for us to pick up, it’s going to have to evolve from a left-to-right conversion – the economics change when you do that,” he added.

With a projected maximum annual production rate of 10,000 units per annum currently, there’s scope for HSV to explore other avenues, however, Jackson remained tight-lipped on future product and the possibility of a name change for the company.

“We’ve always taken the view that if we do a great job, the opportunities will come to us,” Jackson said.


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