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Ferrari 348 customised by Evoluto Automobili

By Chris Thompson, 20 Feb 2019 News

Evoluto Automobili customised Ferrari F355 feature

Evoluto Automobili has built a lightweight homage to Ferrari's atmo V8

The Ferrari F355 has inspired Ferrari modifier Evoluto Automobili to create an homage with the philosophy of ‘peak analogue’ in mind, using a Ferrari 348 as a base.

The 348 reimagined by Evoluto is not only slightly redesigned, but also a fair bit lighter… and more powerful.

While the 1994 Ferrari F355 boasted a then-impressive 279kW power figure and kerb weight of 1350kg, the Evoluto-modified F355 scores a 368kW atmo V8, and weighs just 1000kg.

There are no prizes for calculating its kW-per-tonne figure without a calculator.

“Our vision of the ultimate naturally aspirated Ferrari V8,” Evoluto says, the company being careful not to refer to the car as an ‘Evoluto 348’ or variation thereof out of respect for Ferrari.

Grey Ferrari 348 by Evoluto Automobili

“With obvious styling nods to the stunning F355, our homage is more than skin deep. With a screaming 5 valves per cylinder engine and razor-sharp handling, this is a full rebirth of an icon.

“Built with a purposefully wide rear. We have taken the analogue diffuser and under-tray system first seen on a Ferrari F355 further to increase downforce and help tame the huge increase in power Evoluto has over a regular Ferrari 348.”

Blue Ferrari 348 by Evoluto Automobili at night

A 6-speed manual gearbox with a gated shifter is the Evoluto transmission of choice to suit its ‘peak analogue’ goals.

Evoluto certainly isn't the first to do this: Ares Design's 'Ferrari 412'

On top of all this, Evoluto says it will offer interested buyers the option of a car designed in the image of the Repsol-liveried Ferrari 348 GT/C LM.

Ferrari 348 with Repsol livery by Evoluto Automobili

“We will be offering our vision in a special edition homage livery to this wonderful machine. It will also feature some individual performance upgrades and styling enhancements.”

Just don’t call it an Evoluto Ferrari.