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Ares Design creates Ferrari 412 from a GTC4Lusso

By Chris Thompson, 29 Oct 2018 News

Ares Design Ferrari 412 from GTC4Lusso news

Project Pony revives the style of the iconic 412 on the modern base of a Lusso

Ares Design, possibly most renowned for its attempts to revive the DeTomaso Pantera through a spiritual successor, has taken on a new project steeped in nostalgia.

Its latest efforts, called ‘Project Pony’, involve taking the Ferrari GTC4Lusso and turning it into a modern reimagining of the iconic Ferrari 412.

The GTC4Lusso’s 6.3-litre naturally-aspirated V12 remains, producing its standard 507kW and 697Nm, mimicking the front-engined V12 of the original.

“The Ares Design Pony will be part of the company’s ‘reborn legends’ portfolio,” Ares says.

“The Ares Pony’s styling is influenced by the 1980s 412 and after extensive computer modelling will be handcrafted with the finest grade carbon fibre not only endowing the car with stunning looks but giving it a low kerb weight, too.”

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Given a Ferrari GTC4Lusso weighs in at 1920kg (in part thanks to its AWD system), it’ll be a challenge for Ares to get Project Pony’s weight close to anything able to be called ‘low’.

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“Inside the 412 Ares Design will use the finest quality components with handcrafted leather seats and dash architecture complimented by hand-stitched features and highlights,” the design house says.

“The carbon fibre coach-built Pony will have all the style and panache of the original 412 but the modern underpinnings of the GTC4Lusso endow it with the sort of performance and connectivity the original could only have dreamed of.

“Ares will deliver a phenomenal vehicle, representing the exterior grace and poise of the iconic Ferrari 2+2 with the chassis from one of today’s most exceptional vehicles.”

There’s no word on how many will be built, or how much they’ll cost, but we imagine the answers will be ‘few’ and ‘plenty’ respectively.