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Ferrari 488 GTB stalking the Hunter Valley

By Wheels staff, 21 Jun 2016 News

Ferrari 488 GTB stalking the Hunter Valley

Revel in the beauty of Ferrari’s latest offering

Revel in the beauty of Ferrari’s latest offering.

Ferrari -488-GTB-with -wineTHE Ferrari 458 Italia is a hard act to follow. Its operatic tones were an auditory delight, there was ample power for those who wanted to mainline some speed into their adrenalin starved veins, it made drivers yearn to be behind the wheel once they left the driver’s seat, and it was drop-dead, gob-smackingly beautiful.

Ferrari -488-GTB-driving -frontHence the anticipation around the brand-new turbocharged Ferrari 488 GTB.

Ferrari -488-GTB-driving -sideWheels’ Stephen Corby was thrown the keys to the turbo Fezza recently and – being only human –decided the right thing to do was run for the hills as quickly as his prancing stallion would take him.

Ferrari -488-GTB-interiorWe sent renowned motoring photographer Thomas Wielecki along for the ride to capture what went down and the results speak for themselves.

Ferrari -488-GTB-parked -under -treeWielecki’s amazing images prove the 488 has nothing to worry about in the looks department, with the car’s scarlet red body flaunting its provocative flares and arches in magnificent fashion. No matter the backdrop, no matter the lighting, the latest offering from Maranello is a stunner.

Ferrari -488-GTB-steering -wheelThomas also gave us some fantastic images from the pair’s adventure. So many, in fact, that we couldn’t fit them in the print edition of the magazine. Instead of letting them go to waste in our archives, we’ve decided to perform a public service and share some highlights online, in the below gallery.

Ferrari -488-GTB-tachometerBut how did the 488 drive? Well, it changed Corby’s life. To find out how, and to see the best of Wielecki’s photos, make sure to pick up this month’s issue of Wheels; available in print and the Apple and Google Play stores now.

Ferrari -488-GTB-rear