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Ferrari 512S Modulo concept bound for Pebble Beach

By Chris Thompson, 16 Aug 2018 News

Ferrari 512S Modulo concept Pebble Beach news

Oddball Ferrari one-off now runs thanks to Jim Glickenhaus

The Monterey Car Week held each year around the Pebble Beach area is one of those events where you’ll see hugely expensive one-offs and concepts from carmakers all over the world.

This year will be no different, as Jim Glickenhaus is bringing the bizarre Ferrari 512S Modulo concept to Pebble Beach.

The Pininfarina-built car was conceived in the late 1960s, built in 1970, and designed to represent the future. If that future is now, they missed the mark. The car is still uber-cool, though.

“Ferrari Modulo is an extreme special berlinetta, single-volume, experimental one-off prototype, built on the Ferrari 512S chassis, of a futuristic car breaking the fetters of the traditional stylistic language, representing the atmosphere of the early Seventies,” Pininfarina says of its unusual creation.

“Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1970 (in the pearl light blue colour), it won 22 international design awards for a pure formal research, in its intentional geometricity.

“The prototype was selected to represent the best of Italian coach building skill at the 1970 Osaka Expo and was displayed as envoy of Italian design, in Mexico City in 1971.”

And, as previously mentioned, it’s now owned by Jim Glickenhaus of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus. As well as designing and building race cars, Glickenhaus is a car collector and was determined to restore the Modulo to ‘new’ condition, and have the thing driving.

That’s something the Modulo had never done before this year.

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About three months ago, the Modulo drove for the first time, with its restoration nearing completion. This week, it ran on the road for the first time.

More recently, Glickenhaus has Tweeted images of the Modulo sitting in a transport truck, headed for the lush Pebble Beach.

Stay tuned.