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Ferrari one-off specials of the past decade

By Chris Thompson, 05 Jun 2018 News

Ferrari one-off specials of the past decade

For the last decade, Ferrari has been letting wealthy buyers ‘build’ their own cars

If you’re a loyal – and very wealthy – Ferrari customer, you might be given the chance to build your own unique Ferrari via the ‘One-off’ program.

As long as Ferrari is happy with it, that it. You can’t have one in neon pink, for example.

As the one-off Ferrari SP38 was recently revealed, we figured now was a good time to check out the rest of the one-offs Ferrari has built.

2008 Ferrari SP1

The first of Ferrari’s official one-offs (hence the name), the F430-based SP1 was one of the simpler cars in terms of its styling.

Traditional colours and clean bodywork were chose by its owner, Junichiro Hiramatsu, carried out in the design by Leonardo Fioravanti, a former Pininfarina stylist and now CEO of his eponymous design company.

The SP1 is also able to be driven in Gran Turismo 5 and 6.

2009 Ferrari P450 Superfast Aperta

Based on the 599 GTB Fiorano, this car was built after the owner wasted a modern version of the gold Ferrari 330 LMB from the 1968 film Toby Dammit, partof a series based on stories by Edgar Allan Poe.

Ferrari says the car took 14 months from concept sketches to becoming a road-legal car. Its 6.0-litre V12 is good for a hearty 456kW and 608Nm.

Its owner, Edward Walson, who Ferrari says is the son of cable TV inventor John Walson, reportedly said “when I saw [Toby Dammit] the decision came of its own accord: one day I would have ‘my’ Ferrari.” An odd choice given the primary character is decapitated in the Ferrari by a steel wire.

2009 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano ‘China’

While the 599 GTB Fiorano China Limited Editions are not one-offs, one was given its own exterior by Chinese artist Lu Hao.

The car, signed by Hao, is finished in a style inspired by Song Dynasty Ge Kiln porcelain, of which only a few hundred pieces remain.

2011 Ferrari ‘SP’ Superamerica 45

Also based on a 599 is this, the Superamerica 45.

Its design is changed through the addition of a carbon-fibre rotating hard-top, a new boot to hold the roof when it’s not over the cabin, and changes to body panels and vents.

Finished in Blu Antille to match the owner’s 1961 400 Superamerica cabriolet, the car also features colour-matched wheel accents.

2012 Ferrari SP12 EC

‘EC’ Stands for Eric Clapton. No prizes for guessing who ordered the car.

It’s been designed to resemble a modern Ferrari 512 BB, though it’s running on slightly more modern 458 Italia power.

Ferrari reported that Clapton called the process of specifying the car “one of the most satisfying things [he’s] ever done,” though we imagine one of the world’s greatest guitarists probably has a few other favourite pastimes.

2014 Ferrari F12 TRS

The F12 Berlinetta-based TRS is inspired by the 1957 250 Testa Rossa, though you wouldn’t know by looking at it.

The ‘extreme, two-seater, open-top sports barchetta’ is the work of Flavio Manzoni and the Ferrari Style Centre team, who gave it a clear window in the bonnet to make the V12’s red cylinder heads visible from outside the car – the only feature on the TRS Ferrari specifically attributes to Ferraris of the ‘50s.

It does, however, feature haunches behind each seat resembling that from behind the driver in a 250 Testa Rossa.

2016 Ferrari 458 MM Speciale

Designed in-house by Ferrari, the ‘MM’ is heavily based on, well, the 458 Speciale. However, it features enough body alterations and aero that Ferrari deems it a one-off.

Ferrari says, in fact, it was intended to mimic the 1984 Ferrari GTO in terms of its styling – particularly where the black A-pillar gives the car a ‘wrap-around windscreen’ look.

2016 Ferrari SP 275 RW Competizione

Built on the F12 Berlinetta chassis, but utilising the F12 TDF’s drivetrain, the RW Competizione is inspired by the Ferrari 275 GTB that won the GT category in the 1965 Le Mans 24 Hour race.

The yellow paint comes from the Ecurie Francorchamps team livery, while its vents and rear very closely mimic the original car.

BONUS: 2006 Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina

Though not part of the One-off program (as it proceeds its inception), this car was built specially for James Glickenhaus.

‘Designed, engineered, and built entirely’ by Pininfarina, the Ferrari P4/5 is actually based from an Enzo, and still uses its powertrain.

Ken Okuyama, styling director for Pininfarina at the time, said the car ‘expresses elegance and fluidity with the clear-cut, uncluttered lines that are typical of Pininfarina’s style.’

It reportedly cost Glickenhaus USD$4 million, including the cost of the Enzo.

But there’s more!

There are other one-offs cleverly hidden from public eyes, like the SP Arya ordered for business magnate Cheerag Arya, and the SP FXX which has been very well-hidden since grainy pictures of it appeared online shortly after it was built in 2014.

With the one-off department reportedly booked out for the next couple of years, we’re sure we’ll see more in the near future, too!