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Formula Drift Ferrari 599 catches fire

By Chris Thompson, 09 Apr 2018 News

Debut for Federico Sceriffo’s ‘Fiorella’ drift car goes less than perfectly

Formula Drift Ferrari 599 catches fire news

At the Long Beach Formula Drift, Italian drifter Federico Sceriffo ran into a bit of trouble… when his Ferrari 599 burst into flames.

The 670kW+ twin-supercharged V12 drifter had a good run during qualifying, and seemed like it was going to be fine, until a collision with another car caused damage to the 599’s fuel line.

His Ferrari, named ‘Fiorella’, has seen better days, as its now resembles something you’d find the morning after a bonfire.

At least from the front, anyway.

Sceriffo was quick to get out of his car once he realised what was happening, as you’d imagine, but he wasn’t able to save the car in time.

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Not only is this particularly heart-wrenching due to the high-end nature of the blaze, but also that this was the car’s first competitive appearance.

Long Beach is the first round of the Formula Drift season, and it’s uncertain whether the car will compete in Florida on April 27-28.

As it feels a little wrong to tell you about this car then not show you what it can really do, aside from catch fire, so we hunted down this very easy to find clip of Fiorella having a crack earlier in the year.

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There’s no fire, but there is smoke.