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2017 Ferrari 488 Challenge racer revealed

By Louis Cordony, 08 Dec 2016 News

2017 Ferrari 488 Challenge racer revealed

Maranello's new one-make wonder

As one-make racers go Ferrari's new 488 Challenge is pretty special.  

The stats are quite mind blowing. Ferrari says it'll lap its Fiorano test track a second faster than the 458 Challenge Evo it replaces.

But It'll also beat a road-going LaFerrari by four seconds, a 488 GTB by seven and a half seconds, and a 458 Speciale by eight seconds.

Its spec-racer was unveiled at this year's final Challenge series race to preview what will fill grids from next year.

2017-Ferrari -488-Challenge -racer -rearNot constrained by any rulebook other than its own, Ferrari hasn't touched the twin-turbo V8's 492kW, instead focusing on slashing weight and upping aero.

The powertrain has shed 19.7kg, while the exhaust system finds another 8.5 kilograms. It's also be remapped to suit the seven-speed dual-clutch's shorter ratios. 

Driver electronics have been retuned to help tame the Challenge's grunt. You can set not only when the traction control intervenes, but how also aggressively it blends out power with two Mannetino dials.

2017-Ferrari -488-Challenge -interiorMeanwhile, the car also indicates when it's best to upshift when accelerating out of corners to make use of its powerband.

Exterior-wise, the front radiator has been inverted to keep coolant temps chilly and cut drag. The front bumper’s also claimed to be seven per cent more efficient.

At the rear Ferrari's pinched the wing from its World Endurance Championship GTE car to boost grip.

2017-Ferrari -488-Challenge -racer -frontHowever if you do manage to break rear traction, there's still a tricky locking-differential, overseen by Slide Slip Control, to ensure the moment doesn't end in a spin.

Ferrari's newest one-make wonder will be the sixth successor to the original and is the first to be turbocharged.   

Next year will be the 25th running of the Challenge series, which started in 1992 with the 348.