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First Australian Rolls-Royce Cullinan picked from the Bespoke boutique

By Daniel Gardner, 10 Jul 2018 News

First local Cullinan order confirms the ladies really do love a Rolls-Royce

First Australian Rolls-Royce Cullinan picked from the Bespoke boutique

AUSTRALIA has asserted itself as home to one of the world’s hungriest ultra-luxury car fan bases, with the first local Rolls-Royce’s new Cullinan SUV ordered from the company's money-no-object Bespoke atelier.

According to the iconic British car maker, the first Australian order rolled in as the northern hemisphere slept, immediately following the confirmation that Rolls would join the luxo SUV revolution with its own offering.

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“The day we announced Cullinan … not only did we receive our first order in Australia, but it was our first Bespoke order as well, which proves to us that customers had been sitting and waiting,” said Rolls-Royce Asia Pacific sales managed Ian Grant.

Rolls-Royce has previously indicated its strategy to attract both a younger audience and a more even spread of male and female buyers – an ambition that the Cullinan appears to be capable of bringing to fruition.

Not only is the company’s first SUV bringing in more first-time Rolls buyers under 40, but the first Australian to sign on the line was female. It follows an order of the company’s special Black Badge models in New Zealand that confirms more women are leaning toward the two Rs.

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“You can head down some very interesting discussions when you come to the male/female divide when it comes to motoring, but our first Wraith Black Badge order came from a female in New Zealand,” said Grant. “To have the same feedback through Cullinan was terrific.”

In addition to the new audience, Grant confirmed existing owners were taking just as much interest in the Cullinan, which will be joining some garages as the “second or third Rolls-Royce” for well-heeled Rolls customers.

Grant would not indicate how many local orders had been placed, but confirmed Australian customers would be waiting nine to 12 months for their Cullinan, while bespoke versions could take closer to two years to arrive.

The latest addition to the Rolls-Royce line-up costs $685,000, though it is highly unlikely any customer will be avoiding the options list and taking home a ‘standard’ version.

It joins the range alongside the Phantom flagship sedan, more affordable Ghost sedan, Wraith coupe and drop-head equivalent Dawn.