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Ford Focus RS500 rumoured to pack 295kW punch

By Cameron Kirby, 18 Aug 2016 News

Ford Focus RS500 rumoured to pack 295kW punch

A touch under 300kW from a 2.3-litre four-cylinder engine was the thing of dedicated racing beasts and sky’s-the-limit concepts not long ago - but such a lofty output from such a tiddly engine could soon be reality if the rumour-mill is believed, thanks to the ‘officially unconfirmed’ Ford Focus RS500.

THE STANDARD Ford Focus RS – if you can call it that – has a 257kW engine, powering all four wheels.

According to British site, Autocar, this could jump to 295kW in the beefier Ford Focus RS500 version.

Ford internationally is yet to confirm the RS500 even exists, but Wheels was told by a Ford insider the car will be coming Down Under when it eventually rolls down the production line.

The car is being developed in Germany by Ford Performance, and will likely have a limited production run of just 500 examples.

Ford -Focus -RS500-front -drivingAutocar arrived at their 295kW number by applying the 15-percent power-hike the previous RS500 had over the ‘standard’ RS in 2010. It’s loose maths, and doubt hovers over whether the new four-wheel-drive RS’s diffs could handle such a significant a boost in power.

If Ford can pull it off, the RS500 would be squeezing an amazing 128kW per litre out of its EcoBoost engine.

Ford -Focus -RS500-front -sideWhile power figures could skyrocket, it is expected torque numbers will remain relatively similar to ease stress on the drivetrain.

The current Focus RS accelerates from 0-100km/h in 4.7-seconds. A Ford insider told Wheels this could be dropped drastically in the RS500. Autocar predicts a sprint time of just 4.2-seconds – the same as Mercedes-Benz’s A45 AMG.

Ford -Focus -RS500-rear -drivingPerformance in the RS500 is expected to be aided by less weight, racier suspension, more aero, and stickier tyres. What is thought to be an early RS500 test mule was recently spied at the Nurburgring with bonnet vents and a bigger rear wing. The presence of more downforce and improved heat management indicates a hotter RS is definitely in the pipeline.

If you want an RS500 when they do arrive, get your chequebook ready early. With just 500 models predicted worldwide, demand will be high and supply will be tight.