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Herrod’s 635kW Mustang upgrade available as Performance Plus Pack

By Chris Thompson, 06 May 2020 News

Ford Mustang Herrod Performance Plus Pack specs news

Powertrain upgrades from Dick Johnson’s Limited Edition now a separate kit

After massive interest in a very limited-edition Ford Mustang developed with Dick Johnson, Melbourne-based Herrod Performance is bringing its powertrain upgrades to a more freely available power pack.

The 30-unit, 635kW Dick Johnson Limited Edition (DJLE, which is on the cover of MOTOR Magazine’s May 2020 issue) was met with such attention both from punters and media outlets, that Rob Herrod decided to create a pack with the upgrades necessary to bring the car to the DJLE’s outputs.

This means while there are no incredibly intricate details such as the engraving on engine internals or vin-stamped mechanical parts, the ‘Herrod Performance Plus Pack’ as Herrod calls it is up to the task of making a monster out of a Mustang.

A 3.0-litre intercooled Whipple supercharger, a 132mm throttle body, an uprated pulley and more boost (11psi), upgraded injectors, and a stronger fuel pump (as well as other drivetrain strengthening) all help create the 635kW and 949Nm required to give the Mustang GT proper DJLE credentials.

Without the intense customisation and fitout of the DJ Mustangs, the Plus Pack is set to be cheaper than the cars Johnson and Herrod envisioned but is available with either a high or a low rear wing.

MOTOR comparison: 2017 Herrod Mustang GT v Walkinshaw W557

Herrod tells MOTOR the Plus Pack will cost buyers between $60,000 and $70K, depending on the options they ask for. That’s on top of the supplied Mustang, which can be brought to Herrod as an auto or a manual.

As MOTOR spoke to Herrod regarding the upgrades, his workshop was constructing two examples (pictured) of the pack, one with each wing option, in Velocity Blue.

Stay tuned for a closer look at the pack, or pick up a copy of the May issue of MOTOR (on sale Thursday May 7) to see the Dick Johnson Limited Edition Mustang in action and in full detail.

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