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Ford Mustang vs Lamborghini Murcielago drift battle

By Scott Newman, 16 Dec 2015 News

The marketing masters at Monster Energy do it again

Ford Mustang vs Lamborghini Murcielago drift battle

The people at Monster Energy just get it. They just know how to make an awesome car video.

The meeting probably didn't even need to go for very long; as soon as someone said "let's drift a Lamborghini Murcielago against a Ford Mustang" the idea was pretty much done.

But who would be silly enough to drift a Lamborghini Murcielago? After all, a mid-engined Italian supercar with a massive 6.2-litre V12 sitting behind the driver doesn't sound like the easiest machine to keep sideways.

Daigo Saito, that's who. The Japanese drift master has campaigned all sorts of wild machinery over the years, including a 900kW Lexus SC430 convertible, so a Lamborghini is fairly normal by his standards. Saito is also responsible for arguably the most insane drift ever.

Battling Saito is US champion Vaughn Gittin Jnr. in his wild Ford Mustang, and their battlefield is the touge course a Niigata, which will be very familiar to anyone who's watched a Best Motoring video or two. 

There's flames, smoke, lights and plenty of screaming engine noise - it's awesome.