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Four-cylinder Toyota Supra “might” come to Australia

By Chris Thompson, 15 Jan 2019 News

Four-cylinder Toyota Supra might come to Australia news

And if it does, would it fill demand for a turbocharged 86?

A spokesperson for Toyota’s local arm today confirmed to MOTOR that there’s no set plans to bring the two specifications of four-cylinder Toyota Supra to Australia, with the headline six-cylinder car being the only one available from launch.

While it’s something Toyota may consider once there’s a clearer indication of demand, there’s another underlying reason the four-pot Supra would, in theory, be a success: a four-cylinder Supra addresses many of the complaints often directed at the Toyota 86.

With the higher of the two four-pot variants producing 190kW and 400Nm from its turbo 2.0-litre BMW inline engine,  those who want something faster than an 86 (0-100km/h takes 5.1sec vs the 86’s 7+ secs) albeit without the manual gearbox, would have the answer to their question.

Even the lowest specification of 145kW/320Nm is capable of a 6.5 second run to 100km/h thanks to the extra torque a turbocharger provides over Subaru’s N/A flat four (as well as much more linear delivery). And that’s with 7kW fewer than the 152kW/212Nm 86.

Of course, four-cylinder Supras would cost more than an 86, as well as being around 200kg heavier at an estimated 1410-1450kg, but a heavy sportscar selling well isn’t anything new (looking at you, Mustang GT).

In the meantime, Toyota Australia has said it’s not taking deposits yet, rather waiting to confirm specific details, including a price, for the six-cylinder variant and keeping those who’ve expressed interest updated.

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Toyota says it’s bringing fewer than 500 units of the Supra to Australia for the first 12 months.

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