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FPV Cobra, Maserati Shamal, Bolwel Nagari & more: Classifieds of the Week

By Chris Thompson, 11 Dec 2017 News

Classified ads of the week main2

We’ve plucked a diverse mix of interesting cars up for sale online

If you were disheartened by last week’s classified picks being rather expensive, we’ve got good news about this week’s round.

The bidding starts at just $4490 for one of our Classifieds of the Week this time… and then sharply rises to $100,000.

Sorry. We just love cars we can’t afford.

1996 Mitsubishi FTO GR

I mentioned it, so I’ll start with it. This $4490 FTO isn’t likely to be the sharpest driver, but with an unusual 2.0-litre V6 under the bonnet, it can at least be called interesting.

It redlines at 7500rpm, and apparently has the potential to put out a rather nice note. It’s manual too, so it could prove an alternative for any Integra hunters out there.

It does have 184,876km on the odo, though, so be wary of that.

2008 FPV BF-2 Falcon Cobra

At $100,000, this car is the most expensive FPV currently listed on TradeUniqueCars.com.au. But there’s a reason.

This one was, first of all, originally purchased by a Ford head-honcho according to the seller, who now keeps it stored in a climate controlled bubble still with 33km showing – that being the second reason it’s sporting a six-figure price tag.

1996 Maserati Shamal

If you’ve ever wanted a ‘90s twin-turbo V8 named after a wind in Mesopotamia, that’s oddly specific, but you’re in luck. For $179,990, you can pick up this ’96 Maserati Shamal in manual with just 4398km on the clock.

Essentially, it’s a Maserati Biturbo with extra cylinders. And this one’s blue inside, which is nice if you like blue.

2006 Bolwell Nagari 300

After a rather long three-and-a-half decade hiatus, the Aussie-built Bolwell Nagari returned in the form of this, the 300.

With a 3.5-litre Toyota V6 mounted in the middle, rather than a V8 at the front, the new Nagari was a lightweight mashup of parts from other cars, including the tail lights of an Integra.

This one is a bit special, as it’s build number 1. That also, however, means a $120,000 price tag comes with it.

1970 Plymouth Superbird ‘Road Runner’

Sure, a modern Coyote might catch up with it these days, but this Road Runner is something special.

The giant wing on the rear of the Superbird made it great bedroom poster fodder, and even today a few of us have a soft spot for the ridiculous shopping trolley.

This one’s got the 7.2-litre V8, and 94108km showing, though it’s counted in miles. It’s also the most expensive of our picks this week at $295,000.