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Full-sized Lego McLaren Senna has almost half a million bricks

By Chris Thompson, 27 Mar 2019 News

Full-sized Lego McLaren Senna half a million bricks news

McLaren could have built nine Sennas in the time the Lego model was built

A1:1 scale Lego McLaren Senna has been revealed by the Woking brand, two years after it did the same with its then-new 720S.

Weighing in at 1700kg, about 500kg more than the real car, the Lego Senna uses elements of the real car where Lego wouldn’t have worked, such as for the seats, pedals, and steering wheel.

It also features a start button which begins an audio simulation of a real Senna V8 starting up. But it’s the Lego bricks that are the most impressive aspect of this build.

The Lego Senna uses almost half a million plastic bricks – 467,854 to be exact – and required teams of 10 builders to spend 2725 hours putting it together.

In that time, Mclaren says it could have built nine real Sennas at 300 hours each.

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McLaren says it’s the most ‘ambitious’ and realistic car it has ever built in partnership with Lego, with 42 people putting in a total of 4935 hours of work including design and development.

“Pieced together from one metric tonne’s worth of LEGO elements, you may not be able to drive off in it but enthusiasts young and old can climb aboard, sit behind the wheel, push the start button in the roof and even hear a simulation of the 208mph car roaring into life.

“As well as this they can operate the working lights and infotainment system on the model.

“Fans of the famous brick, as well as fans of the McLaren Senna, will be able to see it soon at one of a programme of events across the world.”

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The first of those events, McLaren says, will be the Goodwood Festival of Speed which kicks off on July 4 this year.