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Highway Patrol Ford Falcons flood auctions

By Daniel DeGasperi, 21 Nov 2017 News

Ex police ford Falcons

Cop a cop Falcon for less at auction

It has been a full year since Ford Falcon production ended, and Highway Patrol police fleets around the country are now trickling onto auction forecourts around the country.

Around a year ago MOTOR reported of the hammer falling on former NSW Highway Patrol examples of both the Falcon XR6 Turbo and XR8 (and their Commodore SS equivalents) from under $25,000 – or less than half the price new, for a three-year-old vehicle.

Now, however, most of the FG Mark II fleet has been exhausted, with – from the Waratah state’s fleet at least – a single 2014 XR6 Turbo this week filing into the Pickles auction house in Belmore, New South Wales, with 94,000km on the clock and selling for $19,750.

Ex-Police-Ford-Falcon-rear.jpgAccording to the condition report, the white 4.0-litre turbo six-cylinder sedan from Broadmeadows is missing badges – of course – as well as having worn from seat trim, we deduce because the holster of a cop’s gun constantly digs into the side bolsters.

But otherwise full service history is assured, plus you get FPV alloys with Brembo brakes behind them, which weren’t standard on an XR6 Turbo.

While that three-year-old FG Mark II price hasn’t come down much from last year, the following – and better looking, and better all-round – FG X XR6 Turbo has dropped.

2016-Ford-Falcon.jpgIn what must be one of the great performance-car bargains, a two-year-old 2015 XR6 Turbo, with 100,000km on the clock was advertised with a $23,300 fixed price. This gold example, which sold before auction, conforms to the above spec with FPV alloys and Brembos, although it is quoted to have a small hole in its front grille (cue the lights and sirens…)

Modern classics proving popular at auction

Alternatively, another two-year-old 2015 XR6 Turbo in the same colour was on the floor with 76,000km, but sold at auction with the hammer coming down at $25,750 – so, essentially, $2500 extra to reduce kilometres by a quarter.

Either way, the police fleet of Ford Falcons is continuing to dwindle, and they remain a dirt cheap way to access 270kW of power and 533Nm of torque. Or, if you’re a Holden fan, a one-year-old Commodore SS managed to notch up 93,000km within a calendar year on New South Wales’ finest fleet, and it shifted at auction for $29,750 – or the price of a new Camry.