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HKS Toyota GR Supra drift car revealed

By Chris Thompson, 01 Jul 2019 News

HKS Toyota GR Supra drift car revealed news

A 515KW 2JZ-powered 2019 Toyota Supra is Goodwood bound with a drifting star driver

The new Supra is likely to take many forms once tuners get their hands on it, but the HKS Toyota A90 GR Supra is one of the first, and could remain one of the best versions of this BMW Z4 twin.

Not only does the HKS Supra wear a somewhat subtle and ‘dark’ version of the usually wild HKS livery, it also sports the hardware to back up its visual promise of theatre.

Under the hood of the HKS Supra is, of course, a turbocharged Toyota 2JZ straight six, though this one with the tuner’s 3.4-litre upgrade.

Not only that, but the interior has been stripped to the point where it’s no longer recognisable as a twin to the Bavarian roadster, with Bride racing seats, a race-spec dash, and fitouts like a sequential shifter and hydraulic drift handbrake.

Piloting the Supra, which is the second professionally built 2JZ-swapped drift A90 MOTOR is aware of after Daigo Saito’s, is Nobuteru Taniguchi, also known as ‘Nob’ – the beginning of his name altered to become an acronym for ‘no one better’.

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In a shakedown video produced before the car’s power was amped up to its current 515kW and 883Nm, Nobuteru also made the announcement the car would be going with him to the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The video also shows off the HKS Hipermax suspension working hard to keep the wheels down as they turn hard into Nobuteru’s sharp slides.

We need only wait a few days until July 4 when we will see the car at maximum attack in the UK.

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