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Holden Commodore VL SS Group A for sale

By Chris Thompson, 22 Aug 2017 News

1986 Holden Commodore Brock SS Group A banner

Bright red No. 480/500 currently sitting in Melbourne showroom with big pricetag attached

With only 500 built, and probably far fewer surviving today, the VL SS Group A has turned out to be quite a valuable homologation special.

In addition, less than half of the 500 built feature the somewhat controversial (and still rather confusing) ‘Energy Polariser’

This is one of those, complete with Brock’s signature that he refused to give to cars without the Polariser.

Holden Commodore VL SS Group A for sale energy polariser
Build number 480 has everything in original order, from its 137kW/345Nm 5.0-litre V8 to the spare wheel in the back.

The pictures from Lorbek show the car looking immaculate inside and out.

With a relatively low 52,796km showing, Lorbek reckons owning this thing is better than having money in the bank. Considering the skyrocketing value of more than a few Aussie V8s, we reckon they might be right.

So, that brings us to the asking price for this particular example. For only $128,980, you can experience the blistering 7.6 seconds it takes the VL SS Group A to hit 100km/h, or its 15.54 quarter mile time, as tested by MOTOR.

Compare that to the $29,600 it would have cost when new, and take into account that in 1986 that money is comparable to around $75K for us in 2017, and you’re looking at a pretty solid profit margin… especially if it’s a one-owner car.

Keep in mind that prices will become less predictable once Holden shuts the factory doors for good.

You can check out the advertisement on TradeUniqueCars if you’re feeling like you need a bit of VL in your life.