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How to poo in the bush

15 Jul 2015 News

Human poo has become such a problem in the Aussie bush that one 4x4er has taken to YouTube to toilet train careless campers.

How to poo in the bush

An Aussie 4x4 enthusiast has put together a "how to crap in the outback" YouTube video in a bid to toilet train careless campers who leave behind their mess.

In the three-minute video Sherbrooke Community Radio Club President Jim McNabb explains in detail how to correctly go number two in the bush.

Obviously frustrated, Jim details exactly what a shovel is, the different parts of it and how to use them, a criticism of a new generation of 4x4ers who don’t respect the environment or other travellers.

“I have noticed the deterioration in the type of people who are travelling outback,” Jim says.

“Unfortunately, there seems to be a generation that has some simple problems with their mentality.”

The 66-year-old 4x4 veteran recently returned from a trip through all the mainland states of Australia and says he is sick and tired of 4x4ers who don't know how to use a shovel.

He says incorrect toilet practice is not only unseemly and bad for the environment, but will also cause more places to be closed off to travellers who do the right thing.

Among Jim’s top tips on toilet etiquette is advice on what is a suitable place to do your business – namely, don’t do it near a water course.

 “Doesn’t matter what you do, the shit runs into the water and causes all sorts of problems,” Jim says.

He says the spread of diseases such as diphtheria is just one of the dangers that come with careless toilet practice. 

 “60 years ago I was shown that you only take memories with pictures home and only leave foot prints to be seen by the next users.”

Thankfully, the video doesn’t actually show Jim using the hole he digs.