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GM euthanises Pontiac brand

By Peter McKay, 27 Apr 2009 Industry

GM euthanises Pontiac brand

Pontiac falls victim to GM re-oganisation. Repercussions for Holden?

Pontiac, the GM brand that gave the world the iconic GTO and Firebird muscle cars, is to join Oldsmobile, Studebaker, and other once-great badges in the expanding car-makers burial plot.

The official announcement indicating the end of Pontiac is expected early this week as part of GM's widespread plan for survival. Once great Pontiac - always positioned upmarket of Chevrolet with the emphasis on performance - has overall market shares of a mere 1.9 per cent so far this year. Sales last month (March) accounted for a little over 11 per cent of GM's total.

The demise of Pontiac severs an export pipeline for Holden, although if the Australian brand continues as part of the GM family, its products could potentially be sold in the US as Chevs.