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Watch: Grenadier one step closer to production

By Matt Raudonikis, 19 Feb 2021 News

Grenadier prototypes gain traction, as the company moves in to its new factory

Ineos Grenadier one step closer to production

Development of the Grenadier off-road vehicle by British brand Ineos Automotive continues to gain traction, as the prototype stage moves from the 2A to 2B models and moves in to its new production facility.

The Grenadier is a no-frills off-road vehicle that will come in five-door wagon and four-door pick-up variants, constructed in the same vein as the old Land Rover Defender.

It’s using and all-new ladder chassis with live axles, BMW powertrains with dual-range transfer case, optional locking differentials, and a bespoke boxy but functional body.

Ineos Automotive recently took the keys to a state-of-the-art vehicle manufacturing plant in Germany from Mercedes-Benz and is in the process of re-tooling to build the Grenadier 2B prototypes and eventually the production vehicles.

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The plant also comes with existing staff and a contract to continue to build Smart Cars there, providing Ineos with a supplementary income stream while Grenadier ramps up.

The Grenadier 2B prototypes will be sent for testing at locations around the word, including Australia, and testing laboratories.

The Grenadier is being made for global markets and is planned to arrive in Australia in 2022, and it will provide a welcome addition to the traditional 4x4 off-road marketplace.