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Ken Block testing his Hoonicorn Mustang V2

By Chris Thompson, 22 Sep 2017 News

Ken Block testing his Hoonicorn Mustang V2 main

Block’s mental Mustang now has 1044kW, two turbos, and drinks methanol

Ken Block has a pretty good tyre supply deal with Toyo, and he needs it.

Watching him absolutely destroy the rubber on the Hooncorn has always been a safe bet for entertaining viewing, but now, in preparation for his Pikes Peak hillclimb, Block has upped the ante.

He’s calling it the Hoonicorn V2 and, even though it’s the same car, it’s an entirely different beast.

The Ford Mustang that has become synonymous with tyre chewing now has two turbos clearly visible above the bonnet line (not that there’s a bonnet anyway), and it drinks methanol.

This makes for a ridiculous 1044kW.

Just watch.

“What’s it like to drive the 1400 horsepower methanol-fed twin turbo Hoonicorn V2?” Block begins.

“Terrifying. And it takes a LOT for me to admit that!

“This car was already pretty insane as it was… but now it’s got two turbos added to it.

“It went from around 850 horsepower [or 633kW]… and I have to say it’s a bit frightening!”

Block reckons he’s going to have to re-learn how to drive the thing, since the way he used to handle it doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

“It’s really weird that it spins the tyres so fast that the things that I’m used to doing with an all-wheel-drive, like how I point the wheels, how much gas I give it, or how I tighten up or change the line, it actually doesn’t work with this car right now.

“I’m gonna have to re-learn this because I’m about to go to a very scary mountain and lay at the edge of a road.”

That mountain road is Pikes Peak, and it’s going to be the basis for Block’s next video, entitled Climbkhana Pikes Peak.

It goes live on September 25, three days from date of publishing.