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Koenigsegg reveals four-seat Gemera ‘mega-GT’ with 1268kW

By Chris Thompson, 04 Mar 2020 News

Koenigsegg Gemera revealed

Swedish hypercar builder reveals ‘mega-GT’ in Geneva… even though no one else was there

Christian von Koenigsegg is known for innovation and exciting ideas in the world of hypercars, but his new Koenigsegg Gemera ‘mega-GT’ might just take the cake.

With four seats, it’s the first car for the Swedish company that’s able to fit more than two, but that’s one point of many which shocked those watching the reveal live on YouTube.

Yes, even though the Geneva motor show was cancelled, Koenigsegg still went ahead with the reveal. In fact, it even broadcast the reveal from the empty GIMS venue using its already-built display area.

Koenigsegg Gemera rear

Back to the Gemera, which was named by Koenigsegg’s mother and is a sort of portmanteau of the Swedish words for ‘give more’ – ge mer. Not only is it a four-seater, but it’s also got the luggage capacity to hold a small suitcase for each passenger.

Koenigsegg turned 25-years-old in 2019

That must mean it’s not as fast as Koenigsegg’s other cars, right? Wrong. So very wrong.

The Gemera is a hybrid, with a midship three-cylinder, twin-turbo engine using the company's Freevalve camless design (Koenigsegg calls this the ‘Tiny Friendly Giant engine’, or TFG) aided by electric motors for a total output of 1268kW and an absolutely astonishing 3500Nm.

Report: Koenigsegg preps camless Freevalve engine for production

Koenigsegg Gemera interior

The motors are distributed with one for each rear wheel (about 373kW and 1000Nm each) and one on the crankshaft (about 298kW and 500Nm) to power the front wheels, along with the 440kW/600Nm ICE.

Even though it’s set to weigh just short of 1800kg, Koenigsegg says the Gemera will hit 100km/h in just 1.9 seconds. This car has four seats.

Last year's reveal: The four Koenigsegg Jeskos coming to Australia

That target kerb weight isn’t exactly small, but with the hybrid system it’s been kept to what’s actually rather impressive given its size and capability. Of course, a full carbon fibre monocoque chassis and carbon body help out here.

Koenigsegg Gemera driver seat

It’s also looking to the future, with a flexible fuel system able to run on “whatever fuel you can find,” the company’s founder says.

With 50km of electric range and another claimed 950km in hybrid mode, Christian von Koenigsegg says if you’re on a trip in the Gemera, you’d only need to stop “for your own personal needs.”

Stay tuned as we plan to take a deep dive into the Gemera’s full specifications, as well as uncover the potential for it to come to Australia.

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