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Lamborghini Urus drive modes decoded

By Daniel Gardner, 22 Nov 2017 News

Lamborghini Urus drive modes decoded

Latest Lamborghini Urus teaser instalment completes six-mode driving mode controller, requires translating

THOSE accustomed with modern Lamborghinis need no guidance navigating the three Strada, Sport and Corsa standard driving modes, but the Italian car maker’s return to off-road vehicles has facilitated a further three joining the Anima (soul) options.

A third installation in a teaser video trilogy completes the forthcoming Lamborghini Urus drive mode options, which include Sabbia (sand), Neve (snow) and now Terra (land or earth) – one for “any type of terrain” says Lamborghini.

Dressed in a tantalising disguise of swirly black and white, the Urus gives little more away regarding its looks but demonstrates it is capable of tackling some modest unsealed single track terrain with pace.

The video follows previous 30-second theatrics on snow and before that, sand, which seemingly proves the Urus has power and the traction to use it on loose surfaces, but none of the short films have yet shown how the SUV performs away from relatively flat surfaces.

Arguably, it doesn’t have to as it seems fairly obvious the Urus will never have to deal with anything more challenging than a wet dog in its boot and perhaps the odd rain-dampened soccer pitch. Nice to know you can blast up a gravel mountain pass if you have to though hey?

A little more of the interior styling is also offered in the Terra video with a brief glance at the all-digital instrument cluster, including a centrally mounted tacho which has a red-line of 6750 rpm, and a pair of virtual gauges that indicate vehicle pitch and roll angles for off-road driving.

When the production car is revealed on December 4, the final design will have been a long time coming with the first glimpse at Lamborghini’s modern SUV offered in 2012.

From the views of disguised prototype vehicles now circulating the internet, it appears the showroom version will not be a dramatic departure from the concept, with a sporty coupe profile and three-pointed nose similar to that of the Aventador hyper coupe.

Lamborghini has dubbed its Urus the world’s first ‘super SUV’ and the most potent version is believed to be powered by a twin turbo V8, although diesel and hybrid power is also rumoured to be on the cards.

Like all significant detail, the juicy figures and facts will have to wait until the new model’s big debut early next month.