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Lap of the Gods VY Commodore for sale

By Chris Thompson, 06 Sep 2017 News

Lap of the Gods HRT VY Commodore for sale

Greg Murphy’s famous Kmart VY is currently on the market in its race livery

The Kmart Holden Commodore VY V8 Supercar driven by Greg Murphy in 2003 is currently up for sale.

But to understand how special the car is, context is important.

In 2003, John Bowe watched on as Greg Murphy tore up The Mountain hot on the heels of his shootout lap time during the fight for pole.

Back then, JB’s 2:07.956 lap time was damn fast, and enough to put him at the front of the pack for the start of the 1000.

Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

But when Murphy tipped the VY V8 Supercar into the final turn with 2:00.000 on the lap timer, everyone knew it was going to take him less than seven seconds to reach the line.

In just 2:06.859, Greg Murphy cemented his place at the front of the grid for the 2003 Bathurst 1000, and in Aussie motorsport history with what is known as The Lap of the Gods.

At the time, that was the quickest anybody had gone around Panorama. And that record stood for a long, long time.

And now, that car is for sale.

The listing, in the classifieds of website V8 Sleuth, says the car has been restored to its former glory, and wears its Kmart livery with every detail immaculate.

The catch? The price is currently unannounced, though MOTOR asked Ric, who is selling the car in behalf of its owner, how much the owner would like to see it go for.

Estimates are currently hovering in the million-dollar region.

What has been confirmed, by Holden Motorsport officially, is that the car is genuine. In a Facebook post yesterday, Holden alerted followers to the fact that the car is for sale.

It’s rare that a chance to own such an iconic part of motorsport history arises, so we’re sure it won’t be long until the car is snatched up.