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Lewis Hamilton’s hot lap interview in an AMG GT S

By Chris Thompson, 03 Oct 2017 News

F1 champ gets sideways in a Mercedes-AMG beast during a casual chat with Rosanna Tennant

Lewis Hamilton's hot lap

If you’re going to conduct an interview with an F1 driver, why not do it where they feel most comfortable?

Before the Malaysian GP, F1 presenter Rosanna Tennant jumped into a Mercedes-AMG GT S with Hamilton at the wheel to ask him a few questions about his feelings toward the current season, and the then upcoming race.

Of course, it’s difficult to concentrate on asking questions when you’re being flung from side to side as Lewis Hamilton flicks the tail end out at most corners, but Tennant impressively carried on.

2017-Mercedes-AMG-GT-S.jpgAfter crossing the line (something he thought he might be doing first when the race came around),  the three-time champ gave the rear tyres on the twin-turbo V8 beast an extra thrashing with a couple of quick donuts.

Of course, we know Hamilton didn’t win, Max Verstappen did, but Hamilton did come second to secure his ninth podium this season.

“It was a much better weekend than we had anticipated after our Friday, considering the issues we did have with the car this is a good result,” Hamilton said after the race.

“But still we have a lot of work to do with the car, some of the corners really magnified the issues we have.

Lewis-Hamilton-driving.jpg“These next races are going to be crucial in terms of ironing out some of the creases we have with the car.

“I was having some problems with de-rates at the beginning of the race, so I was struggling with battery power.

“Valtteri seemed to struggle a lot more; I was able to pull a little bit more out of it. Naturally, I wanted to win the race, winning the races is still the goal.

“So even to be second is not that satisfying. Today was a step towards in trying to win the world championship and every point counts.”