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Lewis Hamilton drifts Mercedes-AMG C63 at Brooklands

By Chris Thompson, 24 Mar 2017 Features

F1 world champion gives fans a ride to remember

mercedes amg c63 lewis hamilton drift main2

One part AMG C63. One part Mercedes World UK’s test track. One part Lewis Hamilton. Garnish with Croatian tourists and serve sideways. Voila, a Hamilton hot lap.

There are few people who could make drifting a C63 at full noise look easy, but here we have Hamilton doing exactly that.

While the three-time world champ is clearly at home behind the wheel, the three extra humans (with a camera each) aren’t a normal fixture for one of Hamilton’s drives.

mercedes-amg-c63-lewis-hamilton-drift-1He still handles the situation with ease, casually stating he’s “gonna do some drifting” after a quick conversation which revolves around his holiday plans and a quick language lesson.

The sounds his passengers make just prior to this suggest that they think Hamilton has already unleashed the full potential of the German bent-eight.

At that point, he still only has one hand on the wheel.

mercedes-amg-c63-lewis-hamilton-drift-2When the tyres start squealing, so do the passengers. Yelping and whooping attempts to drown out the thunder of the C63’s burble, but the tyres have beat them to it.

Hamilton, still many times more relaxed than his in-car company, flicks the back-end out a few more times before slowing to a stop… and proceeding to get a couple of tasty donuts in.

He’s used to travelling at much higher speeds, so the F1 champ probably felt like this was a rather tranquil drive, but we have to give credit where credit is due, Lewis Hamilton certainly put last year’s PCOTY 2nd-place-getter to its proper use.

And he even left the smoke and tyre marks to prove it.