Liberty Walk’s new Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ kit revealed

Lib Walk gets a little ‘Rocket Bunny’ with its new 86/BRZ body mods

liberty walk 86 kit

Liberty Walk has revealed its latest work, a body kit for the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ.

The kit comes in a couple of different versions, but there seems to be nothing different between them aside from the swap between a tall wing or lip spoiler.

The kit itself appears to have been influenced by the likes of Kei Miura, creator of the well-known Rocket Bunny style kits, particularly when it comes to the front bar.

The Liberty Walk kit however – and it seems odd to say this about a Liberty Walk kit – seems to be more restrained and a little less aggressive on the winglets than usual.

The kit from Lib Walk comes with a front diffuser and bumper, a new rear diffuser, wide-arch ‘fenders’ and a choice between the tall wing or a boot lip.

In USD, the kit costs $5340 with the tall wing (AUD$6900), or USD$4470 with the lip (AUD$5800).

There’s also an optional roof spoiler, priced at USD$540 (AUD$670), visible in the images just above the rear window.

If wings aren’t your thing, you can buy the diffusers, bumpers, and arches separately, or add some low with Airrex suspension for USD$7900 (AUD$10,200).

As those prices are for the US market, it’s likely those prices aren’t going to translate exactly for the Aussie market, so it’s best to use them just as a guide.

Australia’s sole official Liberty Walk importer, Vogue Industries, is your best bet for parts if you’re looking to fit your 86 or BRZ with some more aggro bits.

And if you don’t like it, that’s okay by Liberty Walk. The company itself says that although there’s a historical aspect to the style (Kaido/Bosozoku/Zokusha), it’s not for everyone.

“This is the roots of old-school, traditional Japanese custom car culture.

“This culture is loved by some, yet hated by others.”


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