Life-sized LEGO McLaren 720S

Watch McLaren spend 2000 hours putting together a 720S replica… with LEGO

Life sized LEGO McLaren 720S

Remember that life-sized McLaren 720S that was at the Goodwood Festival of Speed?

It’s a 280,000-piece puzzle that was completed with Lord March himself placing the final brick, but who did the rest?

The joint-effort between McLaren and LEGO took around 2000 working hours to put together, with as many as six people working on the model at once.

Life sized LEGO McLaren 720SIf you’ve ever tried to put a small LEGO model together with someone else’s input, you’ll understand how impressive that is.

McLaren says the 1:1 scale model was commissioned to announce the launch of LEGO’s Speed Champions McLaren 720S set, though the real kit will be much, much smaller.

In fact, it’s surprisingly simple.

LEGO McLaren 720S kitTo get the larger model built, McLaren hired a professional LEGO building company called Bright Bricks.

“It took the firm’s team of six model makers over 2,000 man hours, and while they used thousands of bricks building the final design, they didn’t quite finish it all before the festival,” McLaren says.

“The last 13,000 bricks were added to the sculpted body panels and rear wing of the 720S by visitors to our festival stand, each of whom also made a small donation to raise over £2,700 for the official Goodwood charity the Roberts Centre, which helps struggling families in crisis.”

Finally, the last brick was placed by Lord March on the final day of the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

As a side note, since the average cost of a LEGO brick is around 11-12 cents (US), this 280,000-piece creation would probably have cost around $33,600 in bricks.

Not nearly as expensive as the $490K real thing, but still incredibly impressive.


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