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Low price tags for new models

By Scott Newman, 09 Sep 2017 News

2018 Nissan NISMO 370Z main

Nissan, Kia among manufacturers tempting bargain hunters

In a win for Aussie car enthusiasts manufacturers are falling over themselves to offer new or updated models with temptingly sharp price tags.

Leading the way is Nissan. In order for it to introduce the 370Z NISMO at a competitive $61,490, Nissan has slashed the price of its ageing sports car to an unheard-of $49,990 for the six-speed manual coupe, the seven-speed automatic adding another $2500.

The Roadster drop-top starts from $60,990. It may have been around since Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister (the first time!), but it’s also a hairy-chested rear-driver powered by an atmo V6 that once demanded you hand over almost $70K for the privilege. Frankly, a sub-$50K sticker paints it in a whole new light.

2018 Kia Stinger sideWe’ll be doing our best to get our hands on one for a test soon. Also scraping in under the $50,000 limit is the Kia Stinger. Another V6-powered rear-driver, but from a little further west and boosted by two turbos, the base V6 Stinger can be yours from $48,990, with the mid-spec S at $55,990 and GT topping the range at $59,990.

MOTOR has outlined the features that distinguish each variant, but all will feature 272kW/510Nm, Brembo brakes, a limited-slip diff and 4.9sec 0-100km/h potential. Last, but certainly not least, VW has announced a pair of cut-price performance Golfs to join its line-up in the near future.

2018-Volkswagen-Golf-R-7.5.jpgThe Golf R Grid will offer all the performance goodies of the regular Golf R at a sub-$50K price point, while the Golf GTI Original will be offered as a three-door in red or white only, but dip below the $40,000 barrier. As the Australian car market – the most competitive in the world, don’t forget – becomes increasingly so, hopefully other makers will follow suit in this price war.