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McLaren 570S Spider revealed

By Chris Thompson, 15 Jun 2017 News

Mclaren 570S configurator 2

Mini-Mac takes its top off but retains same claim to speed as its coupe sibling

As if the McLaren 570S wasn’t already driver-involved enough, front row seats to the soundtrack are now available.

With a hardtop that can ‘vanish seamlessly’ into the rear, the McLaren 570S Spider is still based on the design of the coupe.

Due to the extensive use of carbon fibre, which McLaren says means it doesn’t need to stiffen the chassis any further, the Spider has the exact same weight specs as the standard 570S. 1440kg.

McLauren 570S Spider interiorMcLaren claims the Spider will still hit 100km/h just as fast as the ‘regular’ 570S – in 3.2 seconds.

And, if the $50K-or-so price increase from the 650S and the 650S Spider is anything to go by, you’ll be forking out a fair bit more dosh than someone who is buying one with a proper roof.

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Still, we imagine it would be a consolation to those who buy one that they can hear the twin-turbo 3.8-litre screaming away behind them. 

McLauren 570S SpiderClaimed top speed for the Spider also remains the same as the coupe, at 328 km/h though (possibly due to the difference in aerodynamics) McLaren admits that getting to 200km/h will be slightly slower.

The claimed 0-200km/h is 9.6s, rather than the 9.5 the coupe is said to take. 

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Inside, the same 7-inch touch screen IRIS infotainment system carries over to the Spider, and you can option to have carbon-shelled seats similar to those that feature in the P1.

Of course, if you really want to expand your options, there’s always McLaren’s online configurator