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Meet the 570kW Rolls Royce named George

By Chris Thompson, 04 Jul 2017 News

George the Rolls Royce Wraith main

Sure, it’s a bit naff, but it’s also better than having someone else drive you around in one

This is George.

It’s the latest in a line-up of cars built for Swedish professional skier Jon Olsson, who has proved to be something of a modified car addict.

It was a Rolls Royce Wraith when it was born, though we’re not sure you could still call it that. It’s had an extra few kW pumped through it to bring its output up from 465kW to 570kW.

George Rolls Royce Wraith frontAnd that’s still from the original V12.

“The initial plan was to go for a crazy off road look as that was the only way I could figure out how to get cool winter wheels on it,” Olsson writes in a post on his site.

Ghost hunting in the Rolls- Royce Wraith

“But then the Vlog really took over my life and I did not have time to push the project and it ended up taking more time than planned!

Rolls Royce Wraith George side profile“I am pretty sure I will not be invited to a Rolls club anytime soon with how insane this looks, but to have such a unique Rolls just feels great to a person who loves to do what other don’t!”

 One-off Rolls-Royce Sweptail unveiled

A Wraith, which costs around $670K to purchase in Australia, isn’t exactly the modifier’s usual car of choice, but after a wild skiing gear-equipped Lamborghini Huracan and an Audi RS6 ‘DTM’ (both with roof-mounted carry cases), there’s not much about Olsson’s garage that would surprise us anymore.

Rolls Royce Wraith George front facingAside from those cars, however, a quick flick through Olsson’s website reveals that he’s kept a record of most cars he’s owned, all the way back to his Passat W8 wagon as a young lad.

Via a ’71 Camaro, an E30 racer, an M3 CSL, and even a few Ultima GTRs, Jon Olsson has gone from being ‘just’ a skier to being a bonafide car nut.

So, whether you love it or hate it, you’ve got to admire the passion Olsson clearly has for his garage.