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Mercedes-AMG S 65-based Brabus Rocket 900 revealed

By Chris Thompson, 04 Sep 2017 News

Mercedes AMG S 65 based Brabus Rocket 900 main

With a V12 hearth, this 662kW/1500Nm AMG S 65-based cabrio is no drop-top poseur

The Brabus Rocket 900 is not a regular drop-top.

With a claimed top speed in excess of 350 km/h, the aptly named Brabus Rocket 900 is powered by 12 cylinders, and has claimed the title of “world’s fastest and most powerful four-seater convertible.”

It’s not the first time Brabus has made that claim (and been correct), with the previous Brabus 850 based on the Mercedes S 63 4MATIC.

Mercedes-AMG S 65-based Brabus Rocket 900 sideStill, 662kW and a mind-boggling 1500Nm is nothing to be scoffed at, and with a claimed 0-100km/h time of just 3.9 seconds it sounds like most of that power and torque is being put to use.

Premiering at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Brabus Rocket 900 is based on the Mercedes-AMG S65 an already incredibly powerful V12 cabriolet pumping out 463kW and 1000Nm.

The S65 does come with a comparatively slow claimed 0-100km/h time of 4.1 seconds, but with that already costing an eye-watering $521,715, we’d shudder to imagine what someone would have to pay (or do) to get their hands on a Rocket 900.

Mercedes-AMG S 65-based Brabus Rocket 900 rear.jpgBrabus appears to be quite proud of its achievement, and rightly so. In addition to the insane speed the Rocket 900 is capable of, Brabus spruiks its other features.

Brabus' 577kW '800 GT' four-door coupe!

“Just as extraordinary are the sporty-elegant looks with naked carbon aerodynamic-enhancement components, the 21-inch hi-tech forged wheels and the equally individual and stunningly finished Brabus fine leather interior,” Brabus says in a statement.

Mercedes-AMG S 65-based Brabus Rocket 900 interior“As the fastest four-seater convertible, this supercar keeps the Blue Ribbon in the family.

“The fastest representative of this fraternity before was the Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo Cabrio based on the Mercedes S 63 4MATIC.”

If you manage to get your hands on one… let us know, yeah?