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Police raid uncovers a treasure trove of modern classic cars

By Chris Thompson, 03 Sep 2020 News

classic cars found in police raid

Toyota Supras, BMW M3s, and plenty more found in old fire station

Dozens of modern classic cars, including several Toyota Mk4 Supras, Nissan Skyline GT-Rs, and BMW E46 M3s, have been found in a stash during a police raid in the US.

Information about the nature of the raid, the reason, and the owner of the cars, is available through reporting from Massachusetts outlet MassLive, but our interest lies in the garage collection.

Reports reveal an old fire station in small town Holyoke, Massachusetts was housing a secret collection of high-value machinery, many of the cars stored are currently experiencing price booms.

Another (epic) collection of GT-Rs, here in Australia

Modern classic cars found during police raid

By our count, there are at least nine fourth-gen Toyota Supras, becoming increasingly desirable in what looks to be stock form.

Also in the lockup are at least eight different BMW M3s, primarily of the E46 generation but with a couple of later generations.

Speaking of M3s... here's Paul Walker's car collection

At least three Nissan R35 GT-Rs can be seen in the garage, while further images show three more R34 GT-Rs in a workshop.

R34 GT-Rs found during police raid

Also in the collection are at least two relatively late (VII-IX) Mitsubishi Lance Evos, though the images aren’t focused on those.

Also tucked away under a hoisted Supra, is one Mazda FD RX-7, inarguably the most revered and sought after of the rotary-powered Mazdas.

These images posted to Facebook are also joined by a video which sees several of the cars leaving on tray trucks.

I’m taking the Midnight Purple Skyline 😬 out of all the cars in this video which one you having dropped at your house?!...

Posted by The Sauce Spot on Monday, 31 August 2020


While we can’t speak to the situation surrounding the cars and the warehouse raid, we can very comfortably call this collection a dream garage… and potentially one hell of a police auction.