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Motorclassica 2018 Cars to look out for

By Chris Thompson, 12 Oct 2018 News

Motorclassica 2018 Cars to look out for news

A few highlights of Melbourne’s annual classic car event

If you’re a fan of rare, exclusive, classic, or just old cars, there’s one event on the calendar you won’t want to miss: Motorclassica.

Each year, the Royal Exhibition Building in the idyllic Carlton Gardens is filled with vintage and classic cars, as well as car brands displaying their latest wares – usually of the fast and pricey variety.

MOTOR, of course, was there for the opening night, and again today to see some cars revealed for the first time in Australia.

So we’ve picked out a few highlights that you won’t want to miss, ranging from new carbon-bound supercars to older, simpler treasures.

Even before you get into the building, there’s plenty of metal worth stopping for. Tuners, clubs, and dealers have organised large collections of cars to be present, with Lorbek’s fleet flanking the main entrance and its surrounds. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and McLarens of the more modern era are abundant.

A few rare beasts take centre stage in the courtyard – a DeTomaso Pantera and a Countach 5000QV flank a Ford GT40 replica, and a Porsche 911 GT2 RS lurks not far away.

In amongst the BMW club section there’s even an E30 M333i, a super-rare South African model with BMW’s ‘big six’ 3.3-litre inline engine.

Once you’ve managed to make it inside, it’s worth going to each manufacturer’s stand and checking out the cars you might never get another chance to see.

McLaren is quite close to the main entrance, with the Senna and 600LT taking pride of place. Both are to be or have been sold here, with the 600LT due to start deliveries this year and the Senna’s already having commenced.

It’s unlikely you’ll see a Senna hit the streets unless you’re very lucky – pricing starts at GBP750,000, meaning they’re stratospherically costly here in Oz.

About 10-20 metres away is the Ford Mustang Bullitt, which you’re far more likely to see hitting the streets. Ford should have no problem selling all 700 units bound for Australia.

Ford Performance has also brought the Ford GT Le Mans race car to be displayed only a week after it made its local debut on a lap of Mt Panorama. It looks absolutely wicked up close.

Mercedes-Benz has brought along a 1996 C63 AMG – something relatively nondescript, but worth seeing as it’s a relatively uncommon car these days. It was also the first mass-produced AMG model sold here.

Just next door, Porsche has a new 911 GT3 RS and a 1993 Speedster on display, while Alpine is showing off its new A110 and the historic car which gave it its name.

Motorclassica runs from today (October 12) to Sunday October 14.