1998 Subaru WRX 22B with delivery mileage for sale

Pristine example of Subaru’s icon could be yours… if you’ve got deep pockets

1998 Subaru 22 B S Ti For Sale Jpg

Now’s your chance to buy a Subaru WRX STi 22B with mere delivery mileage showing on the odometer.

This excellent example of a 1998 22B has appeared for sale online in the cleverly named Appreciating Classics classifieds, with only 271 miles (436km) showing on the odometer. Below is an image taken of the odometer before it had ticked over that extra digit.

It’s still got plenty of its delivery protection in place too, but there’s one thing we’re sure is holding most back from jumping at the deal. To make it yours, you’ll have to shell out £295,000 of the Queen’s cold hard, or AU$529,660 to us on the prison island colony.

Near-new Subaru 22B STi 270 miles

More than half a mil on a Subie isn’t what most people would consider great value, but a wealthy collector (or even a mad enthusiast) might see the value in scooping up a 22B with its rear seats still wrapped in plastic.

Drive your heroes: We steer a Subaru WRX STi 22B!

While legend states only 25 examples of the 425-odd 22Bs were built to leave Japan’s shores (there are rumours of a skipped #013), this one (build number 309) is indeed a JDM expat.

According to the listing, it was purchased new in 1998 as an investment and has remained in the same family since its delivery and has only been offered for sale after a death in the family.

Near-new Subaru 22B STi rear seats plastic

Appreciating Classics says the car has, in its custody, undergone a service which involved replacing “the original cambelt, pulleys and water pump, which were all in ‘as new’ condition.”

“Also changed were all fluids and filters, genuine parts only of course, all original parts removed remain with the vehicle.”

The story of the Subaru 22B

Its 2.2-litre flat-four (with a cheeky 206kW output claim, stated as this was the limit on power in Japan at the time even though many ‘206kW’ care made more in reality) is still unmodified, as is the rest of the car in fact. Including the tyres.

Near-new Subaru 22B STi engine

While a car that’s barely been driven in 22 years isn’t likely something you’d take out for a blast straight away, the seller says it “drives and operates just as it should do with a fantastic feeling gear change, direct steering and good brakes.”

A celebration of the Subaru WRX

They note though that they’ve only driven it on and off the trailer and the workshop ramps. They also admit very minor surface corrosion on the engine and running gear, but only due to age and exposure to the air it was stored in.

Near-new Subaru 22B STi rear

Given a new one was $132,000 here in Australia (five were sold officially), the extra $400k might seem eye-watering to you (then you’d have to ship it here), but when was the last time you saw a new Subaru 22B for sale?

You can check out the listing for the car here..


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