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New Tesla Roadster revealed

By Chris Thompson, 18 Nov 2017 News

tesla roadster driving banner

US company claims new four-seater can sprint to 97km/h in under 2 seconds

If what Tesla claims its new Roadster can do is true, customers will be in for a huge treat.

In fact, that may be the case even if the claims fall a little short.

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Revealed during the unveiling of Tesla’s electric truck, the Tesla Roadster rolled out of the trailer and suddenly the truck didn’t seem very important.

With a claimed 0-97km/h run of just 1.9 seconds, 0-160km/h in 4.2, and a top speed Tesla says will top 402km/h, the electric Roadster has a lot to live up to.

tesla roadster rear
It’ll attempt to fulfil its performance claims through electrically-driven torque totalling a frankly ridiculous 10,000Nm and being put to the ground via all four wheels.

That’s what Tesla says. 10,000Nm.

An 8.8 second quarter mile run is another appealing claim from Elon Musk’s company, especially for a car that’ll have a base price of $200,000 USD, which equates to $265,000 AUD.

Obviously other factors will push that price up, but if the Roadster does ‘what the box says’, then we’re not talking ridiculous money.

tesla roadster interior
The Tesla Roadster will, of course, have a removable roof which is a hard-top that can be stored in the boot. Oh, and it’ll also have four seats.

So a four-seater convertible with 10,000Nm, an 8.8 second quarter-mile and a claimed charge range of 1000km? Elon Musk is putting a lot on the line.

In addition, a limited number of special edition Tesla Roadsters called the ‘Founders Series’ will be available, though for an extra $50,000 USD.

Chances are, most of the 10,000 units will be spoken for in a short while.