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New Toyota Supra specs from Japan

By Chris Thompson, 19 Feb 2018 News

Best Car Toyota Supra images leaked

Leaked info from Japanese magazine Best Car contradicts previous expectations for Toyota halo car

Japanese magazine Best Car has reportedly gathered a new set of specifications for the much-anticipated new Toyota Supra.

The car, which is expected to be confirmed at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show (along with a race version of the car), had first been reported on by MOTOR in mid-2017 as a 300kW (or thereabouts) 3.5-litre V6-powered hybrid.

But details leaked on a Supra Forum from a hard copy of Best Car reveal a new set of specs which contradict those we were given from an insider last year.

The specs panel on page appears to attribute 340PS, or 250kW to the Supra, with a 3.0-litre engine instead of the 3.5. It'll also apprently hit 100km/h in 3.8 seconds.

The inside information MOTOR received also claimed the Supra will produce 450Nm, which Best Car corroborates with a matching figure seen on page as 45.9kg-m.

Also matching MOTOR’s specs is the weight printed by Best Car, 1496kg. MOTOR’s expectation was around 1500kg in halo form, while we expect a smaller-engine version to come along at about 1400kg.

Visually, the apparent images seen in the Japanese magazine appear very similar to Toyota’s FT-1 concept, and not too far from MOTOR’s own rendering.

The fact it seems to be a photograph of a real, physical car also gives the information published in Best Car some credibility.

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So how can the engine and power difference be explained?

Our best guess is that the insider information we received last year was correct at the time, but that the development process called for a different engine somewhere along the way since.

Right now, all Toyota says is that a track version of the ‘upcoming Toyota sports car’ is due to be revealed, so we’ll bring you the confirmed details of the new Supra from the Geneva Motor Show on March 6.