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On shelves now: 4x4 Australia November edition with bonus LowRange DVD

08 Oct 2015 News

On shelves now: 4x4 Australia November edition with bonus LowRange DVD

The 4X4 Australia November 2015 edition is on shelves now with a bonus LowRange DVD! Grab a copy to find out about our custom Hilux giveaway!

This here’s our mag, now on good mag stands. You can stick it in your backpack; you can hold it in your hand. Amen…

The November edition of 4X4 Australia is on shelves now – and it comes with a bonus LowRange DVD! With John Rooth now on the 4X4 Australia team, we're offering you LowRange Episode One - The Boys Are Back! (RRP $14.95) - bundled with your magazine.

Check out the trailer below for a sneak peek of this awesome adventure.

Also inside this month’s mag is a hellishly blacked-out Hilux custom, the new Prado, the Isuzu D-Max and MU-X, and a pack of stock-standard Amaroks having a crack at Cape York and Gunshot Creek.

We also introduce the first part of our Hilux giveaway project, in which we’ll kit out a 2010 model for one lucky reader!

Grab your copy of 4X4 Australia from newsagents or by subscribing to 4X4 Australia in electronic or print format.

In the meantime, have a gander at what’s inside:

Project Hilux Giveaway: Part One

4X4 has a project car – a 2010 Hilux, which we’ll be giving away to a lucky ready once we’re done kitting it up. Check out the mag out for more details.

Custom 4x4: Hell-Lux

This off-road warrior could have ended up on the farm. Now it’s pumping out more than double the power of a standard Hilux - and it’s looking good doing it.

4x4 november custom hilux First Drive: New Prado

The Prado 150 Series has a smaller diesel engine and an extra ratio in the auto ‘box. But is it any better?

4x4 november drive prado Driven: Isuzu D-Max and MU-X

Isuzu utes aren’t the fanciest things on the road. But even with a truck-load of modifications they’re still cheaper than most high-end utes. We check out what off-road legend Harry Suzuki has been doing to kit-out these workday beasts. 4x4 november isuzu ute Amaroks to the Cape

Corrugations, deep-water crossings and crocs – off-roading in Cape York is one of the world’s last great four-wheel drive adventures. Can a convoy of standard Amaroks survive it?

4x4 november vw amarok cape 4x4 Industry Escape

Take the biggest names in the Aussie 4x4 industry away for a winter trip to the Vic High Country and you’re sure to see some chilling off-road action.

4x 4-november -4x4 industry escape Explore: Skytrek, SA

The Skytrek 4x4 track is 80km long and takes six hours to drive. That gives you plenty of time to take in the amazing views. Or you could just look at the pretty pictures we took.

4x4 november skytrek sa Gear: Patriot Campers

A couple of unhappy campers drew their dream camper in the sand. Patriot Campers was the result. We go back to where it all started: Stradbroke Island.

4x4 november patriot games Explore: Olary Ranges, SA

Never heard of Boolcoomatta Reserve? Ron and Viv Moon check it out.

4x4 november explore olary ranges A Shovel to Grind: Jim McNabb

After the success of Jim’s ‘How to crap in Outback Australia’ YouTube video – in which he shows us exactly how to use a shovel to bury poo – we paid him a visit to see what else we could learn.

4x4 november jim mcnabb Event: Moreton Island Fishing Classic

Whether exploring Moreton Island’s many 4x4 tracks or fishing its gutters, punters at the Fishing Classic find it hard not to get hooked.

4x4 november moreton fishing event The Razors Edge: Polaris RZR 1000 Championship

4x4 editor Matt Raudonikis rolled a buggy and hurt his neck during the practice run leading up to this event, but that didn’t stop him from returning to have a lot of fun on the jumps, bumps and berms. He did end up on his roof again, though. But, hey, go hard or go home, as they say.

4x4 november polaris rzr 100 Gear: Magnuson Supercharged Jeep

There she blows. Dropping a V8 into your Jeep isn’t the only way to get a bit more squirt. How about a supercharger kit? It’s definitely cheaper.

4x4 november magnuson supercharged jeep

 …as always, the mag has the latest news and events, stats and figures, as well as the industry’s most respected names.

Grab your copy of 4X4 Australia from newsagents or subscribe to 4X4 Australia in electronic or print format.