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Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta unveiled at Pebble Beach

By Chris Thompson, 22 Aug 2017 News

Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta main

Is Horatio Pagani’s ‘new’ car the last Zonda in its 18-year-run?

This year’s Pebble Beach has been every bit as impressive as those that came before it, with new luxury cars and supercars being unveiled left right and centre.

But what we weren’t expecting was for an 18-year-old car to have the covers pulled of it.

Horatio Pagani had other plans, and decided this year would be a good time to build the last Pagani Zonda… probably. Maybe.

Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta Horatio PaganiThe latest in a line of Zondas stretching back to 1999, the HP Barchetta is the realisation of “how Horacio imagined his own Zonda.”

Though Pagani hasn’t revealed its official specs, it looks like it’s primarily based on the Zonda 760, with more than a few modifications to differentiate it.

A pinch of carbon fibre here and there, redesigned tail lights, arch covers for the rear wheels, and a profile that’d fit under a semi-trailer all make this Zonda one wild looker.

Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta sideIn addition, the custom interior features seats from the Pagani Huayra, though with tartan added and some parts of the seat removed.

The 1250kg HP Barchetta (its weight is just about the only thing we’ve been given by Pagani) is said to feature the same naturally aspirated 7.3-litre AMG V12 from the Zonda 760. This means it should be putting out at least 560kW, though more than that shouldn’t be a surprise for Horatio’s own car.

Two additional HP Barchettas will be built, with those being offered to prospective buyers for a rumoured $15 million ($18.9 million AUD), though that would make it the most expensive ‘new’ car ever sold.