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This Porsche Boxster is running on Toyota V8 power

By Chris Thompson, 05 Aug 2020 News

Porsche Boxster Toyota 1UZ engine

Porsche engine swaps usually ruffle feathers, so what about a 1UZ-FE Boxster?

Whenever someone puts a V8 in a Porsche, purists lose their minds… but what if it’s a Porsche that the purists aren’t too worried about?

Enter this first-gen (986) Porsche Boxster, previously the home of a mid-mounted flat-six, now powered by a Toyota 1UZ-FE V8 usually reserved for plus specifications of ‘90s cars from Lexus and Toyota. The Lexus LS and Toyota Soarer (and twin Lexus SC) both had 1UZs in some specs, for example.

The owner of the Boxster has posted images and videos of his Boxster in a group dedicated to 1UZ engine swaps and was good enough to field questions and supply explanations on the work carried out.

Nine wild engine swaps

Porsche Boxster Toyota 1UZ engine

Adaptions to the engine to fit nicely into the car (and to the car to accommodate the engine) seem to be relatively simple. For example, the intake for the Toyota V8 lines up well with the intake vent behind the passenger (right) door on the Boxster.

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Similarly, an adapter plate for the engine to mate with the stock Audi-sourced 5-speed gearbox is available from a supplier.

Porsche Boxster Toyota 1UZ engine

A heat shield protrudes into the cabin somewhat, and required some alteration to the firewall, though the owner says the stock rollbar and some extra custom bracing solves any strength issues. According to him, the only reason these changed were made was a wish to keep the transmission and rear axle in the stock position.

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Judging from a quick driving video the owner posted, the 1UZ-FE runs nicely in its new home, though whether the conversion affects the car’s handling is obviously only for the owner to know.


The original Porsche Boxster is something we reckon should be remembered fondly, and we don’t know that popping a 1UZ is the way we’d have one, but this owner seems quite pleased with his decision.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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