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Porsche brings modern infotainment to older models

By Chris Thompson, 27 Apr 2020 News

Porsche Classic Communication Management infotainment revealed feature

Digital radio and Apple CarPlay now accessible for owners of near-classic Porsches

If you own a Classic Porsche and want some more modern capability in terms of your infotainment system, you’re in luck.

Porsche has announced a new system for classic models, right back to the beginning of the 911, and for cars up to the 996 911 and 986 Boxster, called Porsche Classic Communication Management, or PCCM.

PCCM units are designed to slot right into the old stereo head unit’s place on the dash, though the interface was designed with the surrounding elements in mind to avoid clashing styles. No more bright green lights and silver plastic dials.

Two rotary knobs, six buttons, and a slim 3.5-inch wide touch screen allow the use of digital radio and Apple CarPlay without disrupting the style of the original interior.

Porsche says PCCM is most suitable for models from the first generation of 911 up to the 993 generation but says installation in “earlier front- and mid-engine models is also possible.”

Additionally, Porsche has announced a PCCM Plus unit which is able to be installed in the aforementioned 996 911 and 986 Boxster.

The Plus features a larger 7-inch screen which is also able to be used with Android Auto.

The new systems can be bought from Porsche dealerships for $2643 for PCCM and $2968 for PCCM Plus, though installation may incur additional charges.