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Porsche pulls plug on hybrid 911

By David Bonnici, 29 Jul 2016 News

Porsche pulls plug on hybrid 911

Porsche 911 boss August Achleitner says he prefers an all-or-nothing approach to electric sports cars

WEIGHT issues and a perceived lack of demand are behind Porsche’s decision not to proceed with the development of a hybrid 911.

Porsche 911 project director August Achleitner told Wheels his preference is for cars to either have a combustion engine, or be fully electric in line with the company’s Mission E concept.

“Of course we could install a hybrid system in a sports car, 911 for example, but it’s not an easy job.

Porsche mission e rear driving“We add so much additional weight and the result could be interesting. But anyway, we wouldn’t expect too high sales numbers with this kind of car, because we would always simultaneously offer regular cars with a combustion engines.

“So (hybrid) sales numbers would be quite low, and they would have no effect on the CO2 emissions of the whole fleet, so from this point of view, it doesn’t make sense to offer it. Not today.

“Of course we have a look at all these developments all over the world and maybe we come to another decision next year, or in the next two years. Right now, we do not plan it.

August AchleitnerAchleitner believes it’s better to offer a standard combustion-engine or wholly electric options, but says the latter would only eventuate when it can offer a proper Porsche experience.

He reckons the Mission E concept will achieve this, but holds his cards close to his chest when pushed for detail, particularly on comparisons with Tesla.

Porsche mission e charging“We have some targets for it, so that the car is able to show the Porsche badge on it … I would not like to say today!

“There’s a lot of development taking place right now with Volkswagen and Audi, so we look for synergy effects between these different brands, which makes sense. But we look also, of course, for differentiation so that the customer, when he buys a Porsche, knows what he buys.”