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Real race car or R/C car?

By Scott Newman, 16 Jun 2016 News

Real race car or R/C car?

Enthusiast creates astonishing scale replicas of famous racers

For those of us unable to afford a multi-million dollar car collection, scale and remote control cars offer a more affordable outlet that somewhat sates the desire for the real thing.

Usually enthusiasts like in one of the two camps, preferring the static scale models or the ability to drive and race electrically-powered replicas. Enthusiast Adrian, who goes by the name Kuhfarben on the website TamiyaBase.com, is a mixture of both, however.

D 8f 110437d 8b 803af 4d 08b 3e 5a 2dab 2eHe uses Tamiya's R/C kits as a base before adding a quite astonishing level of detail using model building skills as well as his knowledge as a professional graphic designer.

Adrian adds real metal brake discs, full roll cages, painted interiors, adjusts wheel fitment, makes his own exhaust systems and much more in an effort to make these incredible models a spitting image of the real thing.

Cc 3ce 4590294585ffcce 4eb 8ac 645c 49He explains his methods in quite a lot of detail, and you can also find him on Facebook. Understandably, he doesn't actually race these works of art, though every model remains a fully functional R/C car.

Here are a few of our favourites.


BMW-E30-M3Peugeot 306 Maxi

Peugeot -306-Maxi -rearPorsche 993 911 GT2

Porsche -993-GT2Subaru Impreza WRC2007

Adrian _full