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Sharp increase in Chevrolet SS sales in the US

By Chris Thompson, 06 Dec 2017 News

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Commodore’s American twin proves popular in November as life-span nears end

Just as in Australia, the end of the ‘SS’ badge is upon the United States of America.

Since the Commodore – and therefore the Chevrolet SS – is no longer manufactured, sales of both are starting to dwindle.

But GM’s sales figures revealed a sharp increase in sales of Chevrolet SS models, up from 150 units in October this year to 882 units in November.

For comparison’s sake, only 212 units of Chevy SS were moved in November 2016.

This rise in sales coincides with the end of the Chevy SS’s lifespan, suggesting that dealer specials and run-out sales were the cause for this spike in the V8’s popularity.

Though the last Chevrolet SS was built in May this year, sales have been reasonably consistent as numbers fall from 250 units per month to around 150.

The last time a spike was recorded in SS sales was during March this year, when 1,217 units were delivered while production wound down.

The March increase in SS interest came as Chevrolet offered massive discounts, up to 20 per cent, on the cost of buying the V8 sedan.

While Australian dealers were barred from doing the same with local Commodores, it was a seemingly necessary move in the US – the Chevrolet SS hasn’t been a strong seller.

Interestingly, however, Chevrolet has managed to shift more units of the SS during the first 11 months of 2017 than it did during all of 2016.

So far, 4,013 SSs have been delivered in 2017, while only 3,013 were shifted in all of 2016.