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Spyker owner shot in the street

By Samantha Stevens, 19 Mar 2009 News

Spyker owner shot in the street

Alexander Antonov has been seriously hurt in an alleged assassination attempt outside his home in Moscow.

Dutch carmaker Spyker has been dodging deadly bullets as the economy worsens, and now it seems its owner is doing the same.

Alexander Antonov, the head of Spyker and of a bank group called Konvers Group, was leaving his residence in Moscow, Russia yesterday when he and his bodyguard were gunned down in the street by an unidentified assailant.

Reuters reports that the Russian billionaire is stable but remains in intensive care, after five gunshot wounds to his stomach and losing one of his fingers. The security guard is also in intensive care with a gunshot wound to the leg.

"A. Y. Antonov was injured, and he and his security guard are in intensive care," said Viktoria Tsiplenkova, an investigator with the General Prosecutors' Investigative Committee (source: Reuters/ RIA Novosti ).

Moscow investigators said the shooting was likely linked to Antonov's business dealings. A Russian financier was jailed last year for the 2006 murder of Andrei Kozlov, the deputy head of the Central Bank, after he led a campaign against money laundering and corruption.